Aesop Institute

In partnership with Canterbury Christchurch University, the first Aesop Institute Summer School will take place in July 2018.

The Institute will provide a solution to the problem of arts and cultural interventions not being taken seriously in other policy areas. It will provide training, consultancy, online tools and support, and a cross-sector professional development network. It will provide essential knowledge for linking the arts and society, underpinning the incubation of new organisations and the development of existing ones across the arts and social sectors.

The Institute’s curriculum is based on the Aesop Toolbox, a range of tools and methods developed in collaboration with many experts. (These are outlined in the Toolbox section.) They are key to understanding and achieving artistic outcomes and how they link to broader social outcomes. They will nurture a deeper understanding of how to plan, measure and evaluate arts interventions in projects with a social purpose.

Full details and how to book will be announced soon.